Yoga Class Styles

Class Styles

In you're new to yoga start in one of our All Levels yoga classes. If you have an injury or want to take it slow, try one of our relaxation or meditation classes.

No matter your age, fitness or flexibility all our classes allow you to work at your own pace with plenty of options to rest, learn something new or feel challenged.

Yoga (All Levels): Our foundation yoga sequence which is suitable for all levels of strength, flexibility and fitness. Beginners - start here.

Yoga (Core & Strength): The class adapts our traditional All Levels yoga classes to focus on developing overall body strength, improved tone and a stronger mid-section. The class is open to everyone and suitable for all levels of strength and flexibility. Start where you are today, for a stronger tomorrow!

Yoga (Relaxation): Overcome sleepless nights, busy minds and learn how to simply relax. Our relaxation yoga class is the perfect balance between yoga and meditation. Classes are slow-paced and explore the restorative side of yogic practice. Classes help to naturally increases fertility and are suitable for injuries, fertility treatment, medical conditions or movement limitations that may not be suitable for our All Levels classes.

Meditation: Learn how to observe the mind to access a deeper state of relaxation and inner peace. Meditation is exercise for the mind - give your mind the workout it needs. Suitable for everyone, especially stressed out and anxious yogis. Find out more...

Pregnancy Yoga 5 Week Course:
Pregnancy yoga classes are a specialised form of yoga adapted from traditional yoga poses to make yoga 100% safe throughout pregnancy. Classes are relaxing and help prepare mum-to-be for labour and birth physically, mentally and emotionally. Classes have a strong emphasis on breathing and meditation techniques to help manage labour and connect with baby. Find out more...

Need help choosing a class? We're here to help! Contact Us before attending class to discuss which style of yoga is right for you.