Overcoming S.A.D Workshop

Stress, Anxiety & Depression

“The body is the battlefield for the wars we rage in our mind.” 
- Deepak Chopra -
Overcoming stress, anxiety and depression can sometimes feel like we are in a war without hope or help at hand. As a yoga community we are not immune to the effects that these conditions can have on our lives and the lives of those around us.
Join Life Coach Stuart Harrison at Western Wellness for an afternoon of personal transformation and holistic healing helping you learn how to better manage stress, anxiety and depression. 

In this workshop you will learn;
  • Understand the primary causes of S.A.D 
  • Learn holistic cognitive behavioural therapies that help reduce S.A.D
  • Develop a toolbox of mindfulness techniques to reduce panic attacks, stress and anxiety
  • Learn how to build resilience against S.A.D

Who Should Attend?

If you answer ''yes'' to any of the following you will benefit from our workshop;
  • Stress and anxiety is impacting your physical and emotional health
  • You feel stressed all the time and find it hard to 'switch off' and relax
  • You feel tired and constantly depleted of energy
  • Your thoughts keep you up at night, you struggle to get good quality sleep or suffer insomnia
  • You suffer panic attacks 
  • You struggle to overcome negative thought patterns
  • You have tried traditional therapies and are interested in a more holistic approach
  • You live or support someone who suffers stress, anxiety or depression and would like to learn how to better support them


There are currently no dates scheduled for this workshop.