• I joined pregnancy yoga to continue some form of physical activity whilst pregnant. I would look forward to going to each class and sharing the experience with all the other mums to be in the class. The meditation and breathing exercises really helped me to stay calm and in control throughout my birth (if you had seen me leading up to my birth you would understand how big an accomplishment this was) and allowed me to get through my labour without an epidural. Words cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me!

    Vikki Talbot, Tarneit
  • After attending a one day workshop at Western Wellness, I was so impressed by Stuart's ideas and approaches that I decided to do one to one coaching with Stuart. Over a period of several months, Stuart has assisted me to get clearer about what I genuinely value in myself and my working life to develop my own business model that is truly aligned with who I am and what I want to evolve into. Throughout our time together, Stuart has been encouraging, insightful and forever positive, especially when I have got bogged down in fear and doubt. Stuart’s tools and resources are solid. I trust him and his coaching model because he is a shining example of it.

    Janelle Wilson
  • The Transform You program allowed me to understand how my past has led me to this point in my life and to understand why I find certain situations difficult. Subsequently it has enabled me to identify the parts of my life I want to change and create some processes to make this possible. Through accepting the past, challenging my beliefs, goal setting and affirmations, the program has helped me to use my time more productively and handle high stress situations more effectively.

    Kristie Gerelemou
  • Life had become dull and mundane for me. I felt restless and found myself being very quick to anger with my family members, so I joined the Transform YOU program to learn how to calm my mind and handle stress. The Transform YOU Program resonated with me as it addressed a lot I was going through and wanted to achieve, namely the inner calm/happiness and discovering my purpose. The Transform YOU Program has taught me how to accept my past, evaluate my beliefs and values and introduced affirmations and meditation, allowing to instil change in my thoughts and behavior and increase my self-awareness... a confronting but remarkable self-discovery experience, highly recommendable for those who are stuck in a rut or want to make changes but face barriers.

    A James
  • I have previously attended yoga in a gym environment and found this to be too noisy with the sound of music blasting outside, the noise of weights being banged on the floor and the constant disruption of people entering the class after it starts or too many people squashing into class. Finally I found Western Wellness which was exactly what I had been looking for offering a variety of class times, calm environment, well managed and I especially like the relaxation at the end, not rushed. I love the décor and the art work you have put on the walls in the studio and the tea at the end of class. You have obviously put a lot of time and effort into setting up Western Wellness and I can see your passion! Which is, different to other places I have been where you get the feeling that the instructors have hired the room out, Western Wellness feels just a bit more personal. I have been quite unwell for the last year and after reading some of your testimonials on your website, it gave me the encouragement I need to start yoga, which I believe will be truly beneficial to my health and wellbeing. I have loved the last 2 classes I have attended as a Yoga Member and hope to continue.

    Debra Richards