• I would like to personally recommend Western Wellness yoga studio. This will now be my 3rd week practicing yoga at the studio and I am absolutely loving it! After my first class I felt my stress levels reducing and have now learnt how to apply the yoga teachings to my daily life to help control my stress levels. After my second lesson I already felt a dramatic amount of pain relief from my back; and by my third lesson I felt a part of the yoga family. I always made the excuse that I was “too busy”… I’m currently practicing a minimum of 4 days a week and LOVING it! The team is very welcoming and friendly, Danielle and Krystal are amazing yoga teachers and Stuart is extremely inspiring and teaches you great meditation techniques, Western Wellness yoga is for anyone who is wanting to tone up, increase flexibility, reduce stress, relieve back pain or simply want some “me” time, I couldn’t recommend anything better!

    Rachel Lutze
  • The end of 2012 was a major transformation point for me; I made big changes in my life to open up my future to a path that brings focus & happiness. I joined "that yoga joint down the road" because I thought that it could maybe help along the way. Oh how I underestimated Western Wellness.

    I cannot explain how much i am enjoying coming to class. The practice resonates so well with me. Equal parts challenging and introspective. But more than that, It’s elevated me spiritually. It’s exactly what I need in my journey right when I needed it.

    Western Wellness have helped reignite the fire in my belly by being incredibly encouraging and inspiring. Stuart and Danielle have created a space of relaxation, well being, warmth and growth. It’s a joy to be guided by them as I continue my journey.

    Breatt Reardon
  • Doing yoga at Western Wellness has taught me to calm and focus my mind. I no longer feel the fog of depression over my life. As I focused on daily yoga practice and my commitment to get up off the couch and move every day, I just stopped feeling so negative and anxious. I was able to look at the positive. I stopped feeling the need to hide away from the world. I plan to spend my 30’s much healthier and fitter than I have ever been before and I know I have the support of the team at Western Wellness to help me achieve my goal. Thank you Western Wellness, I am forever grateful!

    Sarah Medlock
  • Western Wellness gives me the space to relax and focus, to feel grounded and centred. Every detail of the studio creates an energy that is positive and inspiring. Danielle and Stuart have supported, encouraged and inspired me at a time when I needed it most and helped me discover my own potential. I am so grateful to Western Wellness for giving me a beautiful space to help me discover more about the amazing life I have been given and my purpose in it.

    Lexi Badger
  • Yoga for me has been a total mind, body and soul awakening experience. I am gaining more strength through flexibility and my mind always feels refreshed with a tranquil sense of calm after every class. Yoga is my anti-aging solution!

    Tasneem Moosajee