• I practice Yoga to align my body, to achieve flexibility and to strengthen my body core. I have felt that my Yoga sessions are very nurturing and allow me to recover from training in martial arts. Although I am just a beginner, my sense of self deepens with every session. I practice at Western Wellness because it is very welcoming. My two yoga teachers match my week perfectly; one pushes me a little while the other runs a gentle class where people at any level can join in.

    Miguel Cayazaya
  • I took up yoga after my dentist threatened me with a mouth guard unless I reduced my stress and stopped grinding my teeth. I now practice yoga regularly as I find it both physically and mentally challenging. You get a great workout and mental and emotional wellbeing. One of the main benefits is I am now less likely to get irritated or overwhelmed. All the staff and teachers at Western Wellness are great. Everyone is friendly and encouraging and the end of class tea is always a good bribe!

    Melissa Arduca
  • Yoga has been part of my life for approximately six years. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year, coming to these yoga classes and working with the teachers has helped me to focus on my healing and coping techniques. Although there have been days that are harder than others, when I choose to step on to my mat either at class or at home it helps me to focus on my breath and allow my mind to be still which gives me clarity of thought. Yoga will remain part of my life.

    Loretta G.
  • Yoga has given me renewed energy and confidence. The movement and breathing techniques not only have a calming effect, but have increased my strength and flexibility. Aches and pains have disappeared as I become physically stronger. The great thing with these practices is there is no age limit. In choosing Western Wellness, I have found a group of caring and supportive people who genuinely enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. I always feel relaxed as soon as I step through their doors.

    Janet Gatfield
  • I have just completed the Follow your Heart coaching program with Stuart from Western Wellness. It all started with a text message, the timing and wording could not have been more tailor made to me at that time. Are you sabotaging yourself and your goals? For me I didn’t feel like I had any goals and I desperately wanted some!! But where to start? What did I really want to achieve. I had some lip service goals what I mean by that is, ideas that sounded good but I always managed to make excuses and reasoned my way out of successfully achieving them. Hence the SABOTAGE!!!

    Stuart helped me identify what was important to me. I know that sounds stupid, that you should know. But life is so busy that sometimes we just go with the flow, take the easy solution/option/road. The most startling revelation from this program is that I need quiet time to think, relax, quiet my busy mind and JUST BE. The program/coaching sessions takes stock of what you value, looks at where you are and where you want to be. Working together with Stuart and through issues, some you didn’t even realise you had or were hung up on. This process involves peeling back the layers, striping yourself bare and having a good hard look at yourself. Then you can set yourself some challenges that you whole hearted believe in and start achieving and doing things that make you HAPPY!!!!!! For me yoga and meditation have also been part of the process quiet time and self-reflection. The program works with you understanding your underlying values, in essences what motivates your behaviour and tweaks that to align with where you want to be,

    I won’t say it was easy but I am proud of how far I have come and what I have achieved. Stuart has a very calming influence and he is very insightful. I would highly recommend this program if you are looking for; Goal clarification, wanting to get to know yourself a bit better, understand why you do things the way you do, if you are wanting a starting to point to make some changes in your life.

    This is a great safe place to START.

    Tania Behan