Are you new to yoga?

Lucky you found us... we're yoga experts!

We're glad you stopped by, did you know we offer yoga classes 7 days a week and have over 32 weekly classes and a variety of class styles to choose from. Our yoga classes are suitable for beginners, both the inflexible and flexible yogis alike, as well as yoga lovers of all levels of experience.

Let's Get Started:

Firstly, if you’ve never even looked at a yoga mat or you haven’t been to a yoga class for a while, it’s important to take time to read through all the information on our 'studio etiquette' to ensure you have an enjoyable first class studio experience.

Choosing a class: We recommend starting in one of All Levels Yoga classes, which are suitable for beginners. If you have an injury or want to take it slow, consider giving one of our relaxation or meditation classes a try. 

No matter your age, fitness or flexibility all our classes allow you to work at your own pace with plenty of options to rest, learn something new or feel challenged.

We also highly recommend reading our blog - 5 Tips for Yoga Beginners

Secondly, yoga is a bit like a dance routine, you need to learn the steps before you can dance. There is a lot to take onboard at your first couple of yoga classes and it normally takes 3 – 4 classes before you really get your yoga groove. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere! So, be patient, relax and enjoy the class and you’ll be dancing on your yoga mat in no time.

Before your first class we highly recommend reading our approach to yoga, so you know what to expect when you first step onto a yoga mat at Western Wellness.

Finally, it's time to take the first step and book a yoga class, take advantage of our Requested content not found.


If you have any questions about getting started at Western Wellness, drop us a line below.

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