Birth Stories

Real life birth stories from graduates of our Pregancy Yoga course to motherhood

  • My natural birth plan went out the window, 12hrs post my membranes rupturing my labour hadn’t started so I needed to get induced. Contractions did not move labour along so after 6hrs of non moving contractions and every drug offered I went for the epidural, then after a nap and 4hrs, it was time for pushing, which wasn’t very effective since I was so tired and eventually forceps assisted bub to arrive on our world! I practiced calm birthing and every contraction was a positive exciting experience I visualized myself meditating during a yoga class during most of these contractions, the breathing techniques picked up with yoga was very effective! I would not have had such a positive experience over such long slows hours if it wasn’t for my yoga practice!

    Even throughout pregnancy yoga was the best thing I ever did for myself, instead of feeling like a flumpy fatty thing I felt like every body system used to carry bubs was supported and this made my self esteem, self image (through better posture and body mobility) such a positive experience! Many thanks to you for all the support, positivity and this bliss state of mind.

    Katrina Galang, Altona Meadows
  • During labour the midwives commented on my breathing techniques and no need for pain relief (until final stage which was not optional) this was due to the techniques learned in pregnancy yoga classes which included channelling my breath. I also used the lavender spray in the room as a calming tool/familiar scent and found a form of child’s pose that was very useful throughout my labour. I wanted to pass on these details and my thanks for your pregnancy classes and techniques which clearly assisted during my labour.

    Dalenne McDowell, Tarneit
  • Amelia was breach and took a bit of persuading to come out, allowing mum be brave and use her yogic breathing techniques and a few simple yoga poses learnt in class to manage the pain for the first 9 hours, however this was eventually followed by gas pethidine, an epidural & finally anaesthetic! Thank you so much for offering and teaching such a great class, those Wednesday nights were the most calming and worthwhile 75 minutes of my week as I neared the end of my pregnancy.

    Sharon Gatt, Wyndham Vale
  • Doing Pre Natal Yoga for the second half of my pregnancy was great for the physical benefits of stretching and strengthening, relaxation and just taking time out each week to focus on myself. Danielle was a great instructor, taking requests to focus on particular areas or problems that we had. I also used some of the breathing techniques during labour and they really helped to keep me relaxed and focused.

    Candice Smith, Point Cook
  • I joined pregnancy yoga to continue some form of physical activity whilst pregnant. I would look forward to going to each class and sharing the experience with all the other mums to be in the class. The meditation and breathing exercises really helped me to stay calm and in control throughout my birth (if you had seen me leading up to my birth you would understand how big an accomplishment this was) and allowed me to get through my labour without an epidural. Words cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me!

    Vikki Talbot, Tarneit