Studio Etiquette

Things to know before coming to class

Please help us maintain our tranquil and serene studio atmosphere by observing our studio etiquette.

  • Online bookings are required for all classes. Download our App for iPhone, iPad and Android to make booking your classes even easier! You can also book online via our online timetable.
  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your first class and 10 min before all subsequent classes
  • Late Entry: Studio doors are locked 2 minutes prior to each class to ensure our classes start on time, sorry late entry is not permitted into any of our classes once the doors are locked
  • Register your name at reception with our team member before every class
  • All classes are 75min in duration (1 hour 15 min)
  • Mobile Free Zone: Please refrain from using your mobile phone at our studio. Switch off your phone before entering the yoga room (if your mobile phone rings or vibrates it will distract the class)
  • Please stay for the entire class, leaving early is disruptive to other participants and your teacher
  • Leave your shoes in reception, please do not wear shoes in the yoga room (socks are ok)
  • Avoid wearing strong perfume or cologne
  • Refrain from smoking 60 minutes before coming to class
  • All yoga mats and props are provided (free)
  • We recommend wearing loose comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movement, yoga is practiced barefoot but you might like to leave your socks on while you warm up.
  • Bring a bottle of water and a hand towel to class (we also have complimentary hand towels at the studio)
  • Pregnancy: Please attend Pregnancy Yoga if you are pregnant, this is for your safety. If you become pregnant please notify your teacher immediately.
  • Age Restriction: Children must be aged 14 years and over to attend classes at Western Wellness studio. Children below the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian in attendance at the studio and in classes at all times. Children below the age of 18 are expected to display adult maturity during class and at the studio. Members below the age of 18 years must have a parent or guardian act as a contract guarantor to hold membership.
  • Health Disclaimer: Yoga is exercise; we stretch, flex and keep our bodies healthy through dynamic movement, breathing and meditation. Yoga offers a physical challenge and at times can be strenuous. If you have any injuries, medical conditions or restricted movement please Contact Us before attending class to discuss if our style of yoga is suitable for your condition. Please advise your teacher if your condition changes.