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7 Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Yoga Instructor Course

Published 11-Feb-2022
Written by Danielle Harrison

Here are some important questions that prospective students ask us when they enrol in our Advanced Diploma and Master of Yoga program at Western Wellness Yoga Point Cook & Werribee.


1.) Is the yoga instructor course registered with the Yoga Alliance?

 Yoga Alliance provides the minimum standard for which a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher training must meet. The Yoga Alliance outlines a minimum number of hours to be spent on each topic: philosophy, anatomy, practicum, methodology, etc.  Yoga Alliance provides accountability to instructors leading yoga teacher training courses. Western Wellness Yoga Point Cook & Werribee has been registered with Yoga Alliance for several years and is continuing education provider.  


2.) Who are the lead yoga instructors? What’s their experience?

 You will spend a LOT of time with your yoga instructors and your fellow yoga teacher trainees. I recommend chatting with the lead instructors before the teacher training begins. Find out what the lead yoga instructors are passionate about. What do they love to teach?  Are the instructors passionate about teaching anatomy? Are they passionate about story telling, philosophy? Do they teach from their mat? Do they walk around the room? Do they demo? Do they use their hands? Do they use their voice to speed class up or slow things down? Do they teach pranayama and meditation? Do they teach the business of yoga?

At Western Yoga Point Cook & Werribee, you will be taught by Danielle & Stuart Harrison, two highly experienced qualified teachers, trainers and successful studio owners.

 Danielle Harrison – Director, Senior Yoga Teacher

Danielle’s Yoga journey has been a personal exploration of growth and self-discovery. Through yoga Danielle has been able to transform herself through a dedicated practice of classical Asana inspired by the teachings and linage of BKS Iyengar. As a teacher, Danielle often re-counts her personal experiences of reconnecting and healing her body whilst supporting others along their yoga journey. Danielle brings a warm and grounded level of professionalism and practical wisdom to her teaching and mentoring style, having spent several years as corporate trainer and workplace assessor.  Danielle has in excess of 10,000 teaching hours and specializes in working with students presenting with complex injuries as well as students requiring pre- and post-natal health care.

Stuart Harrison – Director, Senior Yoga Teacher & Holistic Counsellor

Stuart’s life is grounded in the modalities of yoga, meditation, and self-development.  Stuart is a compassionate and inspirational teacher, often recounting his own personal challenges surrounding mental health and addiction that brought him to Yoga. Stuart blends both modern and traditional spiritual practices into his teaching so that students gain a balanced understanding of how Yoga philosophy transforms our lives.  Stuart has in excess of 10,000 hours teaching experience and has spent 20 years working within the learning and development sector as a teacher and holistic counsellor.   Stuart has practiced and studied classical Yoga under his wife Danielle as well as studying in residence at the Sai Baba ashram in India. Stuart is also a devotee of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.


 3.) Where is your yoga teacher training course located?

 Is the training held at a yoga studio? Are your class sessions be in the same place? Are portions of your yoga teacher training done online? Western Wellness Yoga offers an extremely flexible training schedules with students electing to study either onsite at our Point Cook & Werribee location or fully self-paced online at home. Onsite students have the ability to access all content online as well and thus there is not fixed attendance requirements which means students have the ability to make the course work for their busy lifestyles.


4.) What are the expenses associated with your yoga instructor course?

 Typical yoga teacher trainings cost between $3000 and $4500 AUD. Sometimes these trainings are all-inclusive, other times it’s just the training that is included. There are often additional expenses associated with yoga teacher trainings. Examples of additional expenses include books, manuals, private lessons for missed hours and registration with the Yoga Alliance.  Western Wellness offer student an extremely competitive pricing model. Our 350-hour Advanced Diploma program cots $4,495 and is all inclusive. We also offer flexible payment plans that meet a student’s budget.


5.) How long will it take to become certified? What is required to receive certification?

 Some yoga teacher trainings are done in an intensive format, typically around three weeks long, others are spread out over a few months or even a year. All formats have their benefits. In an intensive you are fully immersed in the yoga lifestyle. In a longer training you have more time to integrate between sessions.  Western Wellness runs its program over 12 months - part time abides by the pre covid regulations set by Yoga Alliance that teacher training programs should run for a minimum of 12 months. The skill set of those who attend 30 day intensives demonstrate extremely low skill sets when compared to students who study over a longer time period particularly if the student wants to be competitive in the yoga teaching job market.



6.) How much yoga experience is required to participate?

 Many yoga teacher training courses require you to have a minimum number of years or hours of practice under your belt. Some yoga instructor courses are more flexible on this requirement, and some are stricter. Western Wellness takes a traditional approach here, we want to see that that someone has the right attitude towards studying rather than worrying about whether they can do a headstand or not, your attitude and approach to yoga is far more important that your physical ability.


7.) Will the program teach you how to modify for those with injuries? How to teach beginners? How to teach all levels?

 No matter where you end up teaching after taking a yoga teacher training course, you will end up with beginners in your classes and you will end up having people with injuries in class too. It’s important, from a safety standpoint, to be able to teach both populations. Western Wellness recognises this training need and trains students to teach to all levels. We also offer a 50-hour certificate in restorative and trauma informed yoga as part of their Advanced Diploma and Master of yoga framework. Students study the impact of common conditions and injuries, both physical and psychological, and how they can impact your practice.  

 So what happens now?

The first thing to do when considering embarking on a yoga teacher training course is to talk and engage. Ask to meet up with your trainers to better understand them and how they will be able to support your learning needs.

 Western Wellness Yoga offers no obligations consultations and free trial classes to students who wish to enrol in our Advanced Diploma and Master of Yoga program. To find out more please follow the link. https://www.westernwellness.com.au/yoga-teacher-training
































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