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How to choose the right course for Yoga Teacher Training | Western Wellness

Published 20-Jan-2023
Written by Danielle Harrison

Yoga is a practice that can deeply impact a person’s life. It can help to heal, inspire and transform someone. For most people, yoga is a hobby and a way to relax; for others, yoga is a way of life. If you’ve been practising yoga for years and have benefitted from it, you may be thinking about becoming a yoga teacher yourself so you can pass on the benefits to other people. 

Here are some important factors to consider when trying to find the right course for yoga teacher training. 

Identify Why You Want to Become a Yoga Teacher

Identifying why you want to become a yoga teacher and what you want to get out of it as a career will help make your educational journey easier and more clear. Do you want to teach a certain type of yoga? Where do you want to teach? Once you know why you want to become a yoga teacher and what your goals are, it will help you identify the right courses to study and the type of instructor you want to learn from. 

Type of Yoga 

There are many different types of yoga in practice today (from Hatha Yoga to Yin Yoga, and not every yoga style is going to suit every person. You can choose the yoga styles that you’re passionate about and connect to the most, or you can decide to branch out and learn about styles that you don’t have much knowledge about. 

Remember, you can always decide to study other forms of yoga down the line. 

Consider Your Learning Style 

Some people wish to immerse themselves fully into yoga classes by attending intensive classes in person. Some people take the opportunity to get away and study yoga overseas, while others prefer to learn online. Find out what works best for you. 

School’s Reputation 

Do your research before enrolling in a school. Visit the website, read about their history and their mission, read reviews and talk to past students. See if you can visit the school before enrolling so you can get a real feel for the place. 

The sign of a good yoga school is not only lots of positive reviews but also the curriculum, the type of classes they offer and the types of instructors they have. 

What Are the Teachers Like? 

Yoga teachers become an integral part of your yoga journey and a role model to look up to. Read up about the teachers and talk to past students if you can. Schools that offer co-teaching is often a valuable resource as you get differing opinions, learning styles and views, which adds value to your education. 

What is Your Budget? 

What are you willing to spend on yoga lessons? Some schools will naturally cost more than others depending on the number of courses offered, the teachers and the location. If you’re attending a yoga school interstate or internationally, it will cost much more than attending a local school. It’s important to find an option that works for you and your budget. 


Do you want to stick to a local area? Or are you looking for an adventure and are willing to travel? Consider your lifestyle and your obligations before considering travelling anywhere. The location of your study and training impacts how you absorb new things and how you look at the world. 

Duration of the Course 

Yoga Alliance accredited (in person programs) start at the 350 Advanced Diploma level onwards. In person programs should run for at least 12 months to ensure you achieve the best outcome for your skills development. However, different schools schedule lessons in different ways (only teaching on weekends or having longer teaching days). 

You’ll have to consider your family, job and lifestyle before deciding on a teaching format that is suitable for you and your life. 

Is the Training certified by the Yoga Alliance? 

The Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organisation that represents the international yoga community. They support the safe, accessible and high-quality teaching of yoga. 

Reputable schools offer certification from a Registered Yoga School (RYS). This information should be made publicly available to you before you enrol for lessons. 

At Western Wellness, we offer in-person and online training programs from our studio in Melbourne, Australia. Our Yoga Alliance Accredited programs are recognised internationally and by Yoga Australia. You can find out more here: https://www.westernwellness.com.au/yoga-teacher-training 

If you’re looking for a friendly, inclusive yoga community, look no further than Western Wellness. Contact us at 0409 248 591 or send us an email here: https://www.westernwellness.com.au/contact to find out more! 

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