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Prenatal yoga tips for each trimester

Published 19-Jul-2022
Written by Danielle Harrison

Pregnancy is an exciting journey that’s filled with many highs.

 But there can be overwhelming lows too!

 It’s normal to feel tired, unwell and anxious at times – especially during the first trimester when hormones go into overdrive. 

 Prenatal yoga can help you feel more balanced physically and emotionally.

 This gentle form of exercise keeps you fit and healthy, and prepares your body for delivery. It’s also a safe way to alleviate common pregnancy symptoms, such as back pain, nausea, shortness of breath and headaches.

 This article explains the top prenatal yoga tips for each trimester, so you’re empowered to practice safely and get more benefits from your routine.


But first, a word of caution:

 Please don’t be tempted to practice any form of yoga while pregnant.

 Pregnant women should stay away from high-intensity or dynamic yoga classes. This includes yoga that’s practiced in a heated room! These styles place too much stress on the pregnant body.

 On the other hand, prenatal yoga is suitable for pregnant women. The gentle stretches, pelvic floor exercises and breathing techniques have been tailored to your needs. Even so, check with your doctor before participating because yoga can sometimes trigger contractions (though this is rare).


Remember, it’s so important to listen to your body:

 Never force yourself into a position. As you move into each trimester, your ability to practice different yoga poses will change. If a particular movement causes you to feel dizzy, nauseous or unwell, stop doing that pose and avoid it for the rest of your pregnancy.

Prenatal yoga during the first trimester:

Prenatal yoga during the second trimester:

Note: if you’ve never done yoga, this is the best trimester to start in (after 14 weeks).


Prenatal yoga during the third trimester:

Pregnancy yoga classes Melbourne:

Western Wellness runs a series of five prenatal classes over a five week period, to help you grow as your bub develops! Classes last for 60 minutes and there’s one every week. 

Our experienced instructors make sure that each posture is suitable for every woman in our class - based on your individual needs and the trimester you’re in. If a particular pose isn’t comfortable for you, we guide you through modifications. 

You can participate by visiting our yoga studio in Point Cook.

Call us on 0409 248 591 or fill out this contact form to find out more.

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