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What is yoga teacher training (and why consider it)?

Published 4-Apr-2022
Written by Danielle Harrison

We may be biased, but there are few jobs more rewarding than teaching yoga. You get to show up to work and practise what you love, while helping people from all walks of life to become the best versions of themselves. Not only do you explore your own boundaries every day, but you connect strongly with the wonderful people you’re supporting. And you witness their transformation and healing first-hand. The cherry on top: being able to wear cute and comfortable yoga clothes all day!

What is yoga teacher training?

Students are trained extensively in the discipline of yoga, before becoming certified as yoga teachers. Put simply, you learn how to become a professional yogi who can share their knowledge with others in the safest and most effective way. In Australia, you can become a yoga teacher by becoming certified or accredited with a school that has been approved by Yoga Alliance, the international peak body. To become certified, you need to complete a course ranging from 350 to 500 hours (depending on the skill level you’re seeking). As a certified teacher, you’ll learn all the skills you need to teach yoga in studios, gyms and workplaces. You’ll also have insurance protection for peace of mind, and be able to list your services in yoga directories.

Become a certified yoga teacher with the Western Wellness training program:

About our training program: Western Wellness delivers 350 hours of training through our Advanced Diploma of Yoga program. You get the practical experience and knowledge that’s required to confidently and safely plan and deliver your own yoga classes. After you’ve completed the Advanced Diploma, you’ll be a certified Yoga Teacher who can teach people in Australia and around the world! During the diploma training, students can choose to specialise their qualification in key areas of demand for Yoga Teachers, such as: - Hatha and Vinyasa - Yin and Relaxation Yoga - Restorative and Trauma Informed Yoga - Pregnancy Yoga Training is delivered part-time over 12 months.

Students can train at our studio in Point Cook (Western suburbs of Melbourne) or learn remotely in a self-paced environment. Our program offers comprehensive training in yogic practice, philosophy, lifestyle, and yoga teaching. Don’t be overwhelmed if you have children or work full-time, you can still easily complete our flexible and family-friendly program. If you want to take your training to the highest level, you may even choose to complete 500 hours (instead of 350) for the Master of Yoga Teaching Qualification.

Can anyone become a yoga teacher, even with pre-existing conditions or other limitations?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what your background or fitness level is, you can train with us to become a yoga teacher. Even if you’re a novice who wobbles through the “tree pose”, and there are no leggings or tights in your wardrobe! There are no barriers to the Western Wellness yoga training course. Our team will support you at every step of the way, as long as you love yoga.

Why choose us?

Our Yoga Alliance accredited training programs are the most comprehensive, flexible, and affordable in Australia. The Western Wellness team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality training. Check out our five star reviews if you want to see what people are saying!

Our community is warm and inclusive.

You’ll connect with like-minded people who support each other – even after the program ends. Western Wellness can train you to become a certified yoga teacher: Did you know we do everything we can to make sure our students get employed as successful teachers? In fact, we’re the ONLY provider in Australia to offer paid teaching apprenticeships (only for graduates of our program). Please call 0409 248 591 or email stuart@westernwelllness.com.au to find out how we can help you
























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