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Yoga at home vs studio (benefits & downsides)

Published 26-Apr-2022
Written by Danielle Harrison

Gone are the days when you’d rush to a yoga studio on the other side of town, before realising you should have left home sooner – the class is full!

Now you have the option of practicing yoga from the comfort of your home.

You can do this completely on your own, if you know the routine. Alternatively, the magic of technology enables you to follow a pre-recorded video or log into a live class that you stream from your computer.

Is it better to practice yoga from home or in a studio?

We'll explore the pros and cons of each option.

Yoga in a studio

Let’s talk about the benefits…

-        Strong sense of community: You really can’t replicate the community spirit and supportive atmosphere that you find in a yoga studio. Many people look forward to seeing the smiling faces of their fellow yogis, bonding over the challenging movements and even catching up for coffee with new friends. For some, yoga class is the highlight of their day! For others who are very introverted, this is a good opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and connect with others.

-        Personalised guidance from trained professionals: In a studio environment, your instructor can keep an eye on your movements to make sure you have the correct technique. Not only does this help to prevent injury, but you’re also gently encouraged to safely push your boundaries by holding a pose a little longer or trying a technique you haven’t done before. You can also respond directly to your instructor and ask questions.

-        No distractions from all that’s familiar: Imagine trying to master Crow Pose while your loved ones or housemates are being loud in the next room. Then you spot the mountain of unfolded clothes on the couch – reminding you of all the chores you still have to do. Doesn’t sound very relaxing, does it? Often it’s easier to quiet your mind in an environment that’s separate from your home and work life.

What about the potential downfalls of yoga in a studio?

-        Inconvenience of travel: Sometimes life gets on top of you and there’s little time to practice yoga, even though you know it grounds you. When you’re pressed for time or feeling stressed, you’re less likely to put on suitable clothes and travel to a studio – especially if it’s a bit of a trek to get there! Crowded classes can also be off-putting, especially during the pandemic.

-        Feeling insecure: We all experience moments of low self-esteem and compare ourselves to others. If you haven’t had much yoga experience, you might wonder why you can’t pull off the moves that others are doing with ease. Having said this, yoga studios are so welcoming and non-judgemental – there’s a general acceptance that everyone goes at their own pace.

-        Higher costs: If you’re on a budget right now, you might not have the funds to allocate to yoga classes in a studio (which are more expensive than online classes). You may prefer to spend less for online or video classes, or practice yoga on your own completely for free.

Yoga at home

Let’s talk about the benefits…

-        You don’t have to leave home: You can practice yoga anywhere, at any time. All you need is your body and knowledge of the movements. It’s easier to stick to a regular routine because there are fewer obstacles, such as traffic and parking. There’s also no shame in wearing whatever you want in the privacy of your home, whether that’s an old shirt with holes in it or nothing at all!

-        Practice for free, or pay a small amount: Save money by taking cheaper online classes or following an instructor over video – while still participating in the flow of the class and seeing how all the movements are done. If you have some idea of what you’re doing, you can even pay nothing by doing your routine completely on your own without any video instruction.

-        No temptation to compare yourself to others: There’s just you and your yoga mat, so it may be easier to fall into mindfulness and connect with your spirit.

What about the potential downfalls of yoga at home?

-        No direct feedback from a trained instructor: Although yoga is a gentle exercise, it isn’t easy to get the movements right as a beginner lacking the body awareness that comes with regular practice. In a studio environment, you’ll often think you’ve nailed a pose, only to be gently corrected by the instructor. You don’t have the benefit of this correction when doing yoga at home. There’s also a higher risk of injury if you don’t get the placement right.

-        Missing out on the social connection: When you’re at home, you don’t feel the strong sense of community in the studio. This can be lonely, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t get out a lot.

Ok, so which option is better?

Neither option is better because everyone has different preferences and life circumstances.

Thankfully you don’t need to choose just one option and stick to that.

If it makes sense to do so, why not enjoy the best of both worlds?

You can spice up your yoga practice by participating in a studio lesson one day and practicing from home the next (with or without video guidance)!

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