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Yoga benefits for women (physical, spiritual and emotional)

Published 4-Apr-2022
Written by Danielle Harrison

Yoga benefits for women

It’s difficult to find a moment for yourself when juggling work, family and social

commitments, right? On any given day, you may quickly become overwhelmed with a to-do list that’s as long as your arm.  Many of us women spend so much energy making sure that everyone else is ok, we rarely have a chance to recharge our batteries by focusing on ourselves. There’s nothing wrong with a little stress, in fact, it keeps us on our toes! However, problems arise if you let stress build over a long period, without doing anything to diffuse the pressure. Long-term stress often leads to depression, anxiety and even physical health problems such as cardiovascular disease, hair loss, acne and digestive problems. Throw a global pandemic into the mix, and so much fear and uncertainty can tip you

over the edge.

 In the face of life’s challenges, women who regularly practice yoga feel calm and

grounded – while also benefiting from better physical health, flexibility and strength.

For thousands of years, yoga has appealed to people who want to connect with a force

within (and beyond) themselves. In modern times, science is confirming what many

have always known – yes, there are numerous health benefits too.

This article explores the yoga benefits for women: physical, emotional and spiritual.

But first, what is yoga?

Yoga is both an exercise and a way of life – originating more than 5000 years ago in

Northern India. This ancient discipline combines physical poses with deep breathing

and concentration to integrate the mind, body and spirit. Your mind quietens as you go

through gentle movements that have been designed to stretch your body, improve

flexibility and increase muscle strength.

 Yoga can be practiced in a studio with other people, or from the comfort of your home.

There are many different styles of classes, depending on your preference, experience

level and fitness level. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or if you have health problems,

injuries or disabilities – there are gentle forms of yoga that are suitable for everyone.


Examples of a few common yoga styles:

·        Yin yoga: slow-paced, suitable for all levels

·        HIIT yoga: incorporates high-intensity interval training with weights

·        Vinyasa yoga: dynamic form of yoga that moves with your breath.


Yoga benefits for women:

1. Less depression and anxiety, but more relaxation!

Stress activates our body’s fight-or-flight response, causing our adrenals to release the

hormone cortisol into our blood. High cortisol levels can play havoc with every system in

our body, without exception. As you can imagine, long-term stress often leads to chronic

health problems, anxiety and depression.

We focus on the present moment when we practise yoga, which activates our

parasympathetic system and relaxation response. A number of scientific studies

highlight these benefits. In one particular study; depression, anxiety and stress dropped

drastically for women who participated in 12 yoga sessions.


2. Better metabolism, weight control and strength:

Certain yoga movements increase the amount of oxygen in our bodies – revving up our

metabolism and supporting our ability to burn fat. Yoga is one of the most enjoyable

ways to burn calories, around 5 a minute. This study shows that a regular routine

actually lowers BMI (body mass index – an important measurement of your weight

compared to your height) Yoga is also excellent for building muscle strength and tone. If you’ve ever held your body in side-plank, downward dog or any other position – you’ll understand the wonders

this does for your core strength!


3. Flexibility and faster recovery from injuries

Every yoga pose involves stretching numerous muscles in the body, without too much

strain. Gentle stretching expands and realigns the muscle fibres, which creates a

physique that looks leaner. Blood also circulates more efficiently to transport vital

nutrients to injured tissues – resulting in faster healing. Do you have a sore lower back?

Yoga poses can bring relief by stretching your shoulders, neck and torso. Yoga has

even been used to treat severe back pain, though you’d want to speak to your instructor

about adapting the movements for your condition.


4. Lower blood pressure and improve heart health:

Yoga is good for your heart, in more ways than one! Not only do you feel emotionally

centered, but there’s evidence that suggests cardiovascular disease may be better

managed too. This isn’t too surprising, as we already know that yoga has been proven

to lower blood pressure, even without medications.


5. Better sex, fewer menstrual symptoms and easier pregnancy:

Better sex: According to one Indian study, regular yogis get more pleasure from their sex lives. Out

of the 40 participants, nearly 75 per cent said they were happier with their sex life

following 12 weeks of yoga training, thanks to experiencing more satisfaction.


Menstruation and menopause:

Yoga can do wonders to relieve both the psychological and physical symptoms of

periods and PMS (premenstrual symptoms). Although research has been limited so far,

at least 15 studies show less severe symptoms and pain following yoga training. Some

of the studies also indicate less breast tenderness and bloating, as well as better

moods. Yoga has also been shown to help menopausal women experience milder and

less frequent hot flashes.

Support pregnancy:

Prenatal yoga helps expectant mothers to feel calm and empowered. Even more

impressively, it may also shorten delivery time during labour and lower pelvic pain.

Pregnant women should always check with their doctor before starting yoga, as it may

trigger contractions (though these cases are rare).


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