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The Western Wellness approach to yoga

The first thing people notice about yoga is it's not like any other form of exercise. That's because yoga is a holistic form of exercise that deals with body, breath, mind and soul. Most people come to yoga to relax, get fit and develop flexibility (all good things that happen), but traditionally yoga is more than just 'yoga poses'. It's a way of life. That's why living and breathing yoga is the foundation of everything we do at Western Wellness.

Our tradition

Our style of yoga originates from Hatha yoga ‘Ha’ meaning the sun and ‘Tha’ meaning the moon. We practice a dynamic style of hatha yoga which is an effective way to stretch, strengthen, tone and detoxify the entire body. 

All classes are practiced at room temperature and focus on integrating the breath as we move through a series of ‘vinyasas’, which means to connect breath with movement. This style of yoga can become very meditative and helps to bring balance to the physical, mental and emotional body.

Our teachers are the best trained in the industry and will help you to develop your practice based on how your individual needs. We provide continuous assistance throughout our classes to ensure you are comfortable, and we can help you to advance your practice when you are ready. 

The Sun and The Moon

Each week we practice either a sun sequence or a moon sequence.

On a Sun week, our sequence is focused on strength and stamina, which increases the heart rate and promotes detoxification, therefore we sweat more. Whereas on a moon week you’re more likely to notice a light layer of perspiration on the skin as the sequence is focused on flexibility, deeper openings, and longer holds. 

This approach helps to restore balance and equilibrium back to the body (think yin and yang) and connects our body back to the cycles of nature.

What to expect in class

Each class commences with a brief relaxation and breathing exercise, before we flow through several rounds of Sun Salutations and conclude with a longer relaxation. 

This combination of breath, flowing movements and relaxation help us deliver a balanced, dynamic and internally rewarding class.

We offer a range of yoga class styles to suit everyone’s fitness and flexibility - including if you’re new to yoga!

In-person and online classes

Join us in our Point Cook yoga studio for one of our many yoga or meditation classes, or watch online for an intimate at-home experience.

Affordable yoga classes

We have flexible and affordable pass options to suit everyone. Whether you want to come in studio or enjoy yoga in the comfort of your home with our online, we can’t wait to see you on the mat.

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We're located at 102 / 22-30 Wallace Avenue, Point Cook VIC 3030 - opposite Williams Landing train station.

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